About me, the blogger

I am a 51-year-old female. I live in the States and have written this blog to document my diagnosis of BiPolar Type II. It’s been over 13 years since the illness first appeared in my life, officially. And I’ve been thru hell, just trying to stay ‘stable’ and here. Meaning alive.

There will be times I hope some of my posts can help others. Advice and examples of how I’ve learned to deal. Other times, I’ll just be posting thoughts, which can be anything.

There are large gaps in time when I don’t write. Sometimes I need to splurge emotions.

It’s a BiPolar thing.

No bullshit here. No sunbeams and cheerleading and ‘you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ type garbage.

I’m holding nothing back… Within the law.


7 thoughts on “About me, the blogger

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination 🙂 I’ll respond shortly! Also, I’m looking forward to following your journey. Absolute honesty in blogging is such a good feeling and so helpful when dealing with stuff. Please continue to not hold anything back! xo.


  2. Came across your blog, I struggle myself with the same, diagnosed about 8 years ago. It’s frustrating and upsetting and sometimes I want to scream and I usually do. Being honest and writing your thoughts down is a great way to work through the pain and frustration. Good luck!


  3. It is hard and of course you would know. I have dealt with bipolar also, but not personally, it is my mum. When she was first diagnosed 13years ago, i think, it was an experience that freaked me out for my brother and I had to make some very hard decisions.
    I do hope you feel more in control than the first initial days, months. I can relate to your pain and frustration and will send my love when you are feeling down xo


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