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Wait for it – Poem


endless white
loneliness enveloping hearts
never leaving or giving in
I’m willing to wait for it.

Sunsets and deep blue oceans sway
lone fingers reach
all for the same
for one reason
I’m willing to wait for it.

believe in having something
rather than none
Alone is not an option
for some

Peace of mind
Soul intact
Welcoming the solitude
I’m willing to wait for it.

Wait for what feels whole
Wait for the soul ribbons tug when I think your name.
Wait for the click when you catch this drift.
Alone is a presence of mind
When you’re willing to…

DIH 11/20/18


Catch this drift

Catch this drift

catch this drift

swim this ocean

follow the stream of tales and dreams

She’s a woman

Not a child

time grows short

And hide and seek are not her style

Open your palm

Open your eyes

She is a rare pearl

Unique in its beauty and mind

titles do not impress her

Catch this drift

flow with this mind

talk with her in honesty

for she is true to her hue

faceted and lying in your palm

singular in devotion

and moody as the sky

DIH. 11/19/18





aperture art blur camera
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Seeing life from separate angles and lines and colors

Secrets never spoken amongst friends

guarded and quiet

let us watch the room together

see the bodies dance by

catch the whispers with their tongues flaying

Let us pretend we are all



Amusement is the game

to know me is the honesty

DIH 11/18/18



monochrome photo of left hand
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I solved the riddle in your eyes one morning

you rose before me

so you thought

gathered your belongings and slipped away


no voice, no hands, no departure


It’s been years now

still no voice

We used to yearn for each others body

and never touch

just to be close was enough


After years of waiting

Searching for your second departure

from me

Oh, love, I need you.


DIH 11/18/18


Moved to poetry for the time being.

Moved towards poetry lately. I’m stable. Just examining a few thoughts and impressions. As much as I want to succeed with my writing. The harder it is to accept a compliment. I’m gracious. But deep inside, I don’t or rather can’t trust the words. I’m working on that. So it’s poetry today. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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adult anger art black background
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If I hold my head this way

You can’t see what I am thinking

know anything more, than an impression

The one I want to give you

choose to show you

the mask that is wearing thin

and refuses to be removed.

Broken and discarded

deserted and cursed

empty without pardon

I will show you no more

I am distrustful of the world of my making

hidden from view

I cry sanctuary

and it echoes back to me

hollow and alone

open up.

DIH 11/17/18



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Shut it down


Once is enough

Twice too many

 Seeing things I regret piercing my mind’s eye

Praying they won’t happen again

knowing it will

It’s the realization of the child inside

that things end

And wishing they didn’t

Few know the inside

The one still banging stones on rocks

seeing which one will break first

the hand,

or the stone.

DIH 11/17/18