When it died

When it died

How dare you walk away from me,
And like a bitch, you locked the door behind you.

There's nothing more for me to say my friend.
I've cried each verse in private.

DIH 12/31/18


​Hypersexual Phase Attack I

Sometimes it will hit you right in the jaw
The unforgivable urge to fuck
It pulls your clit
jerks your dick

Hides with the folds of your lips

Animal tearing of flesh upon flesh

The need is stuttering
Slam my body around yours and let us slide into another
I wanna see you
I wanna feel you

Taste of salt
Lick me
forget who I am cause I don't know your name

The deeper you drive
the more I am alive in this moment of becoming

The brain is out of its element
smells and ideas create images and possible poses
This is not love making
It's naughty and dirty

And I love it more than you.

Don't hold me
Fuck me.

DIH 12/26/18


The journeys that we take throughout our lives are complicated and steep. 

Emotional wreckage that crawls ashore in our mind is never ending.

Sometimes it may hold you back from reaching your destination

If you wallow in it and allow the quicksand of yesterday

pollute the clear water in which you currently stand.

Advancement into tomorrow may be shadowed by self grief.

The path you are on is a crystal one. 

It is yours alone.

You have the power to determine left from right

Take that energy and become YOU.

DIH 12/22/18 – 9PM


Watching you sit

Devouring attention

Playing the celebrity card

I lose interest.

Everyone bow your heads

An epic love will soon be dead

Even if it was just a flutter.

All on my side

All within my heart

The one sided admiration gone.

Make it pretty while you can

With lies and gentle names

I don’t find this amusing.

My emotions thrown into the kitty.

Look upon me one last time.

Your name will travel far and serve you well.

I can not be part of the adoring .

The haram throwing compliments

Feeding your lonely id.

It is larger than the normal self indulgence

This ego of yours.

Which I find unattractive.

I may not be a stunner.

Constantly under construction

Body changing

Confidence growing.

No longer a dented can

Unwanted and discarded.

I am simple, complex and unique.

As crazy as a loon

I am not here to amuse.

DIH 12/22/18

Inbetween traffic​

Stepping off of concrete onto tar and pavement
Dodging oncoming Lincolns and Acuras
I climb and 
I ride the median
Legs straddled
denim shorts pressing vaginal lips
Cold metal between my thighs
I ride the median.

Faded, cracked and dented
it's sharpness grates my tender flesh
and blood flows.
First a trickle, then a simple steady stream
I feel no pain as I ride the median.

Cars swish by at speeds my eyes can't clock.
Whirling windows
faces gawking 
pointing as I ride the median.

Motorcycles tear the road 
fleeing my display
showering me with blackened  stones
Answering the assault, 
I throw my head back and scream your name.

Wind in my hair wrapping around my face
blinding my vision and unsteading my balance.
I out streach my arms and touch the opposite. 
Gushing winds coming and going
and I...
I just ride the median.

Directing traffic in my mind,
I have no place to go.
Just me.

Cold grey steel, chips of yellow paint falling.
My thighs weakening
The rush fading
My mind dizzy with overwhelming freedom.

I am a God as they obey
Come and go at once
Whip me into a fury of pressure and presence.
I will ride until I fall into traffic.

DIH 12/18/18

Let Me In

Available at Esty 

My heart stands still in time,
Waiting for a distant answer.

If you let me love you
I promise to be true
I would never leave you,
‘Nor allow another between the two.

If you let me love you
our friendship would be strong.
Our midnight confessions,
passionate salt-laced injections
wild and demented.

a little crazy,
a little sane,
bodies excited within a range.

If you let me love you
Things would be complete.
The search would be over
as I lay my heart at your feet.

Let me love you.
Care for you.
Be there for you.

Let’s laugh the rest of our lives
maniacal and erotic.
Undeniably true.

DIH 12/16/18


Waiting for the beginning.
Breathing lightly on his chest
watching the follicles dance.

licking my lips
tapping wetness on each nipple.

I am bored.

Slide down,

My tounge explores further.
He offers a sigh to my journey.
I offer no reply.

Swirling tiny circles.
Gentle nips on the thigh,
searching hands find
tender flesh.

Shaven and smooth
seeking attention silently.
Stroked gently with slithery digits.

My Quartet

In unison they play.

Scream to the tempo.
Look back wild eyed at me
this pleasure I control.

"I want to hold you."
He pants in heat.

"I haven't finished."
I proclaim.

DIH 12/15/18