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You can have many conversations and relationships throughout your life. Passing and intense and meaningful. You can begin friendships and acquaintances online and in real life.

And it still amazes me how once THAT person discovers you are BIPolar and have Depression or are Schizophrenic or whatever, you may as well have said, “Oh by the way, I have the Black Plague”.

Potential friendships disappear, relationships dissipate and acquaintances may as well never have existed.

The STIGMA is so strong, that once you were a ‘nice’ person. Now you are a Leaper (nothing against leprosy). Just because you have a mental illness.

No one wants to be around you and all the good you are and have done, might as well have never happened.

I’m tired of it. It’s wrong. I am not ashamed to have an illness. I have never killed someone or abused a child. Why treat me like some pariah?

I am still human. I still have hopes and dreams, like anyone else. I’m no different. I’m the same person you THOUGHT was so ‘nice’ a while ago.

It’s YOU who has changed.