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Sometimes you run across a doctor who EXTENDS beyond the 9 to 5 and will call you on the weekend or after hours.

My endocrinologist is such a doctor. He called me yesterday and let me know my diagnoses and my treatment.

I can treat this with hormones. Although they do have a side effect of fatigue and nausea, it’s a lifetime commitment to this pill. It will stop it from growing and stop it from producing prolactin.

It has seemed that lately its been one thing on top of another. I just wanna run thru the fields like Laura Ingalls in “Little House on The Prairie”, without a rock tripping me up.

But it seems those days are gone. I don’t want this blog to be a constant report of what goes wrong when.

I did find out that what I have does effect mood cycling, so it may be a blessing in that respect.

I recently went thru some deep depression. About a week’s worth, around the holiday’s when everyone is so happy and thankful for family. I just felt so alone, despite the fact that my mom was there with me on New Years Eve.

Sometimes it’s so hard to deal with the holidays. Sometimes its hard to just DEAL; the illness is intertwined so much into my life.

There is no end to it, it is part of me. But it is not who I am.