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We never know what may be going on in our minds or head. Mentally or physically.

For me, I’ve dealt with the mental for a few decade. But now, the physical has come upon me and although it offers some possible answers, it’s still not the easiest thing to take.

I have a functioning pituitary adenomas. A type of tumor near my pituitary gland. My pituitary is fine, but this adenomas is excreting prolactin and some other stuff.

Found this out on a Friday, so my endo hasn’t been able to read the results and get back to me. It’s small 4×2 mm, but it could be effecting my eyesight, moods and weight.

I don’t know how long I’ve had it, just started getting these pressure headaches. Not sure how much is sinus or otherwise.

So no news is good news, unless they give you answers.

I’m not ready to do any hard research, just letting the news settle.

Yeah it scares me, but its treatable, so that helps. Hormone therapy looks like what will happen. I need some special eye test this weds, along with the prolactin test for my meds.

Things seem to be piling on top of each other. But I’ve got