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So many changes within the last few days, and I must admit, if it weren’t for the right medications, I would be on a psych ward right now.

My therapist retired, I thought they were gonna move my case onto the next therapist coming in, no.

They are following what they believe is a trend in the future of “Mental Health Care”. Triaging crisis issues and once the issues are resolved, closing the cases and cutting off treatment. No more ‘long term’ therapy. Get in and get out and move on.

For those of us with chronic illnesses, like BiPolar and Schizophrenia, etc. This particular clinic won’t be handling ‘long term treatment’.

Life is difficult enough without having a diagnosis. You need to have the release of therapy and to hone your coping skills constantly. Even with the help of medication, therapy is key to keeping yourself in stability.

I don’t like the term ‘remission’. Because “I” believe that mental illness is always with us, on a daily basis and we deal with it daily. Remission gives you the ideation that it’s ‘gone’. This isn’t true.

Everything we experience and think and desire in life is processed thru our illness. And if we have it in check, (stability) than we can make proper choices and can think clearly and have fewer episodes of double checking our thinking, to make sure its ‘realistic’ and not something that is heavily influenced by our illness.

Remission to me is a ‘physical’ illness term.

I am dealing with physical illness with chronic pain. And BiPolar, which is stable, but I still have anxiety issues, which are daily.

I need to be able to deal and to check that I am able to deal with the proper filters, therapy is required.

So I left the old clinic, although I had a great Nurse Practitioner who got me where I am today. Not looking forwards to starting over, be there are times its necessary to maintaining stability.

I have intake on Wednesday and hope to update this blog at least once a week, since there are things to write about now. LOL

Maybe I can be inspired to write some ‘decent’ poetry.

My anxiety is crippling at times. There are moments of depression and so much negative thinking that tries to come to the surface.

So much to work on…