Should we bring back institutions for the mentally ill? I say YES, it can be done right now.

“Over the last 30 years, we’ve shut down the old asylums and what we’ve seen is increase in incarceration, suicide, homelessness, emergency room visits, unemployment, substance abuse and substance abuse deaths. We have failed on all these metrics. Anyone — anyone — who thinks we are being successful in helping those with severe mental illness is delusional.” – Republican Congressman, Tim Murphy – June, 2015

Read this story please…

This is where the above quote was written. There are days when I wish that living was simpler. Where I felt safer and that I was surrounded by others who understood my condition instead of judging it or condemning it.

The psychiatric community believes that we are better off communing with society, rather than being isolated from it, there are times I disagree with this and days I agree.

I like my freedom. But, when I read stories like the one above, I wonder if properly run and checked institutions could benefit some of the mentally ill better than a pill and an occasional visit to a therapist.

In the past, institutions were self sufficient. They grew their own food and made their own bread etc. They lived on large natural settings, protected and shut away from society.

In the past, these patients were experimented on and treated badly by staff and doctors. This is one of the reasons these places were shut down.

Now, there are so many mentally ill who are homeless and in our prison systems forever, because they didn’t receive the help they so needed after these places were closed.


Everyday there’s a new story about a mentally ill individual committing some horrendous crime. Which makes it hard for those of us who are able to maintain our illness and function or live in society, some of us even work, but are afraid to tell others of their illness, for fear of the STIGMA attached to mental illness.

It is nearly impossible to get the help to and for these people. Getting into a state institution is not easy. So many fall thru the cracks and end up in the headlines.

And the outpatient ‘help’ is terribly lacking. With more and more patients and fewer therapists out there to provide assistance. They are cutting down on the time you can spend with your therapist and getting to some of these outpatient clinics is a chore for some, because they are so far away from where they live.

Medication is expensive and the side effects turn off so many people.

I feel, that for the few that can’t cope or adjust to living and maintaining their lives thru meds etc. The option of an institution, run reputably and responsibly, would be better than more lives lost.

The only problem would be coverage by insurance. Insurance companies are one of the main reasons people aren’t able too afford therapy and medication. They reduce the amount of sessions and how long you can spend on psychiatric wards.

In other words, you have to leave even when you’re not mentally stable to cope with life ‘out there’.


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