bipolar · depression

There are times when things are blank

You wake up and your mind is empty, your emotions are lacking and your concentration just ‘isn’t’ there.
Once you take your meds, things slowly fall into place, sometimes. But lately, the days are all the same.

There is always something wrong with each morning. Not the usual things, just the confusion that goes with being BiPolar. You have to try and isolate your thoughts, so others will understand what you are trying to say, because you lose track of what you want to say and what words you want to use. WORD FISHING.

I feel like it makes me look stupid. When you have to stop, mid sentence because you can’t remember what you were saying or the point you were going to make.

A lot of that has been going on lately. Not fun at all.

I’m just going to stop now, the confusion is really making this post hard. Time to distract from reality, because it’s difficult.


3 thoughts on “There are times when things are blank

    1. I’m BiPolar type 2. I get terrible lows and don’t go that high. Never had a full on manic episode, but have been hypomanic and that was pretty scary. It’s hard, no matter what the diagnosis.

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