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It seems that since BiPolar hit back in 1993, my health has been going downwards. I have tried to eat healthy and exercise and all types of things to prolong my life, while also wanting to kill myself. I figured, if I’ve decided to stay here, I might as well do what is expected. Take care of myself physically.

So I go to the doctor regularly, dentist, gyn, the whole nine yards. I have a vitamin regime and it seems like everytime I start exercising, I hurt myself or get sick or something happens.

I have had many operations to lose weight, gallbladder, ovary/fallopian tube removal, 2 knee replacements, hernia.

And now it looks like I’m up for another one. I might have thyroid cancer. I won’t have all the answers until they take the follicular nodule from my thyroid. I won’t know until I wake up, how much of a thyroid I will have left. If I have to take radiation etc.

I know I will have to take thyroid meds afterwards for the rest of my life, I have to take psych meds for the rest of my life, so I have no problem with that.

My mother just finished her second bout of breast cancer. She is doing well, very well thank God.

Now, I guess it’s my turn. I figure the more people I talk to about this, the better I will feel. Still in kinda shock. Still feeling tired. Eating, not eating. Lots of sleep.

So I guess this blog will add the cancer trip as well as the Bipolar aspect.

This should be fun… Not.