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I began watching this award winning documentary early this morning. Was only able to get thru a half hour, because I was triggered. I’m easily triggered, I empathize and identify with the person on the screen and I remember feeling or doing the same thing and I’m there again.

I saw it on YouTube, a friend of mine sent me the link. There are two parts I know of right now and a link where you can get it with subtitles in different languages.

In my opinion, it is very honest. Asks the right questions and pretty fucking accurate. It’s not boring or draggy. Watching Carrie Fisher in the midst of her illness was disturbing to me. I’ve been there. Cant sit still. Thoughts flying, such brilliance and such suffering all at the same time.

Here are the links: PART ONE:


Watch, post and pass on. I think this film will help a lot of people. And fight the stigma of mental illness

Thank you Mr. Fry.