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Family is damaging.

Most of my issues and problems are exasperated by my biological family. Selfishness, self importance, judgmental attitudes, usury. The inconsiderate acts and words spoken. I’ve never been physically abused, but mentally yes. My father ruined any chance of me having a normal relationship with a male. His constant belittling and dictatorship destroyed trust and my self esteem.

Now, I face life alone. There wasn’t much I could do that young. I’ve done what I can now. Either way I’ve had better treatment from strangers than my family.

My mother is the only reason I pretty much stick around here, I worry about her safety, mental state and peace of mind. At least I do have someone for the moment.

Family prepares you for the world. Most of them fail.


One thought on “Family is damaging.

  1. My dad screwed me up as well. Told me all my youth I was worth nothing. He always used to ask me why I couldn’t be more like my brother. Now at 44 I still have no self confidence and I have little to no self esteem!


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