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I can tell by the degree of depression I am in, that without the Latuda. I’d be hospitalized. My movements are slow, it’s hard for me to talk or have a conversation, I have no appetite. I just want to sleep all day, but I take my pills and drink fluids so I don’t dehydrate.

Got some good news, but having difficulty getting excited about the whole schmeel. Just going with the flow is a major effort.

It’s surprising, on my other med, I would have cut myself by now. But I have no urge to do so, just to sleep and zombie my way along.

So yeah, the meds work. To treat the symptoms, it’s not a cure. I know this, there is no CURE. It (bipolar) will always be there.

So as Frankenfurter said. “Maybe the rain, is really to blame. So I’ll remove the cause, but not the symptom.”

For me it would be “I’ll remove the symptom, but not the cause.”

Think maybe I’ll watch Rocky Horror Picture Show today. It would cheer me up. But it’s a battle. So much of me doesn’t want to be ‘cheered’ up. I feel like nothing really can get me out of this state, it will always be like this, but that’s illness thinking.

Just have to tread thru this and hope for the best.