Yup, it’s my brain.

It’s been flip flopping all morning. Happy, sad, discontent, disgusted, ok…. fucked.

sipping tea. hoping to calm it all down. doubt it immensely.

don’t want to do anything or see anyone. Just want to spend money on things I don’t have, but I need.

Don’t want to be responsible anymore. Been doing it all my life. Things are still fucked.

Go eat a donut…

It amazes me when people read my poetry. And actually like it. This isn’t a poem. It’s just drivel. I’m just putting thoughts down, so they don’t swarm my head.

I appreciate the likes of poetry. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad when I can touch someone and connect and feel like,’ah, they get it too’.

As if there’s something to get. I’m just so tired…