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I’ve got a friend



Or rather had a friend. And there’s this new song by the stones called “Doom and Gloom” and the lyrics just remind me so much of him. So I sent the video to him.

He thinks the end of the united states is coming, simply because of politics. He has no hope or faith in anything. He hates the president. He hates what’s going on in the political atmosphere and yet, he’s obsessed with it.

I think he’s mirroring his own discontent with his life onto politics. Instead of doing something about his ‘own’ life condition. He rants and raves about things he has no control over, instead of taking care of shit he can directly change and see the changes.

I’m not saying that we, as a people have no power. I’m just saying shoving all his political shit down others throats and his ‘doom and gloom’ outlook on life are tearing him down. And he doesn’t realize it.

Call me a cockeyed optimist. Call me blind, stupid etc. WHATEVER. But I believe in my country and my fellow citizens enough that they won’t allow the whole system to fall apart. I vote, I advocate. But I also realize the depth of my ability to change the political machine. Which is nil. I can scream and shout and demonstrate and I will if it comes down to it.

But I won’t give up on life, simply because I disagree with the present political atmosphere. I still have hope. I’m holding onto that.


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