Pointless – Poem


By phone
BY letter
By air
By thought

I wait


Do I bother with apologies
Do I seek to burn you in effigy
Not sure yet
Not secure yet

It’s late
I’m tired
My body is on fire

Wanting more than your willing to give

I’m a fool and neglected
Can’t keep this up longer than it should be…

Waiting so long
Life passing me by
Waiting so long
Eyes too dry to cry

Empty movements
Empty promises
Can’t remember my purpose to breathe

Have too many regrets
Seen too many disasters
So many have left

Not gonna pursue after

So wrapped up in their misery
I’m no longer seen
No one ever considers. ‘what about me’.

You were right
So many talks before
We’re all out for ourselves

Even you…

DIH 9/27/2012


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