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My head is clearer. Things aren’t perfect, but then again what is… Went to Lyle Lovett concert, freaked out and left early. But at least I got to see him, he’s got a great sense of humor.

So tired now, want change, but it takes time and I need patience. Just a little bit more of it. I can wait. As long as it does change.

Bumped into a childhood friend on FB. Wonderful, she is doing so well. It made my week. I hope we keep in contact. She is working towards a major which will change things for the better. Very very happy right now.

Don’t know when I’ll write my next poem. It’s not something I plan, it just happens.

Wish me luck this week, a lot to do and not much to do. Friday will be busy and next week is my appointment with a new doctor. So, hopefully things will begin to improve health wise.

My knee has been killing me. But it’s been raining, so maybe that’s it. Either way, I’m gonna wait ’til the weather clears before I make an appointment to see my knee surgeon.