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I’m gonna talk about my guilty pleasures… Dexter…

Yup, I’m addicted to the series. I am thankful for Dexter. It entertains and the whole ‘dark passenger’ thing, is something I can identify with, at times. Not that I’m a serial killer in training. But rather, I sometimes see my BiPolar as a dark passenger.

Something that at times has more influence than I would like it to have.

It’s a guilty pleasure because, you’re routing for a serial killer, but he has a code. So, he doesn’t kill innocents. It’s a very well done series. Well acted and written.

Gordon Ramsey – ANYTHING !!

I watch his show on BBC America and Fox. Hells Kitchen, MasterChefs and the one about restaurants. He even came to my home town. I like cooking competition reality shows.

Those are my main two.

I’m thankful for them because they remind me that I can still enjoy something, no matter how I may feel. There are times I may feel that life isn’t worth anything. That there is no joy in my life.

Then I watch Hells Kitchen and am entertained. And I realize that the mood is temporary. There is always something to amuse myself with, even when I may feel down.

Not something deep to be thankful for, but it helps me cope with my life.