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This is an interesting series of posts for me. Although nothing deep, it seems like the ‘little things’ are what I’m most thankful for, when you look at it…

laughter, sleep, dreams, family, pets. All I need to do is list food and shelter and I’m complete. LOL.

I don’t know what I’m thankful for today. I could get patriotic or something like that, but that’s not me. Sure, I’m glad I live in the USA. Wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world and have no desire too.

Maybe I’m thankful for the ‘little things’ which help me to survive, cope and love.

Simple things, like laughter… watched a bunch of comedy routines yesterday. Love Connolly, he’s great.

Loved him in Boondock Saints. Great movie.

I’m wandering…

Here’s to the ‘little things’. My thankful subject of the day.