Thankful – Day 9


Movies – yup. The ultimate escape. Movies have been a big part of my life. From wanting to be a screenwriter to all the horror movies I’ve seen as a teenager in the ’80’s.

I have no favorite genre. I appreciate all types of cinema. Even the bad ones. Like “Starship Invasion”. OMG, it had to be the worst thing I’ve ever seen. So bad, it has changed  titles like 5 times, to hide it’s suckitood..

Here’s the link to the movie. It came out in 1977 and well, was just awful.

Be sure to read the review at the bottom.

My all time favorite movie… Casablanca.

Action, intrigue, love, betrayal. Everything you could want in a movie. Love it!

The one movie I know all the lines too… Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I know.. But it’s so funny. I couldn’t help but memorize everything. LOL

Movies to me are more than an escape. They are visual and auditory candy. Expressions of life and dreams.

My Top 10 Movies, in no particular order:


The Godfather II

Pulp Fiction

Napoleon Dynamite


Reservoir Dogs


It’s a wonderful life

The Thing from another world (The Thing)

Topper and Nightbreed ( a tie)

These are movies I could watch over and over again and never get bored. That to me is something that’s hard to do. I’ve very critical about movies. But, I give them all a chance and find something good in each one.

Except for Starship Invasion… Oh yeah, it’s good for a laugh. LOL


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