Thankful – Day 8

I could be cynical, but I’m gonna be honest. Not feeling very thankful this morning. Wanted to post nothing this morning, but then I remembered giving thanks for my computer.

I am thankful that my cousin sold me his 2 yr old iMac. It works like a dream. My other one was slowly dieing. I am indeed blessed by this opportunity and I give thanks. Cause there is no other way I could have afforded a new one.

I’m still in a crappy mood. My friend hasn’t written or called me in a week. And I know I shouldn’t react the way I am, but it’s hard for me. I just feel so lonely sometimes.

It would be nice to see him, but he’s not ready for a face to face. So I deal.

Suxs being me sometimes. I guess this kinda ruins the spirit of the thankful post, huh.



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