In my sights…

Trigger dancing  on my finger

Thoughts of smiles and kicks

Fake thin bitches screaming for sweaty boys and men


Oh, the world is so bright

The sunshine and grass

My short skirt, tight ass

Look at me, look at me, I’m an athlete too.

I have always hated cheerleaders

All that joy and positivity

Don’t they realize the world is dark and wild

That pain and despair are the norm for the majority

I’m suppose to sit and watch

All smiles and cheer

As you shake your nasty ass across the field

Instead, I choose to


Shoot and Fire.

Down goes Bitsy, Mitsy and Claire

Now I have something to cheer about

False realities, spirit fingers and high kicks are gone.

I could never be a cheerleader

Looking around me, all I see is grey…

dih – 6/17/12