I think it’s Day 4.. Correct me if I’m wrong. LOL. O.K.

Today I am thankful for MUSIC!! It has gotten me thru a lot in my life. Giving me a release to express myself and my emotions. I enjoyed learning how to play piano and guitar when I was young. Although I never completely learned how to play either, they were great experiences.

I love singing for myself and just listening to all types of music from around the world and different genres. From my angst filled 80’s favorites to the classical music, which I can never remember the names of…. but I like certain composers. Just not too saavy with names in that department.

I have a few favorite bands and artist. I enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics. Although I can appreciate ‘some’ pop and current music. I’m more of someone who follows songwriters and musicians who love their craft. Not the money and fame.

Music I feel, releases my soul. And heals me…