Complicating Thoughts

Finnegan, begin again

Starting from the past

Giving into emotions

Trying not to surpass

past mistakes

Over eager

Under loved

Someone please explain

Why do I bother

With imperfect strangers

When there’s you who rules my brain

Thankful for another chance

Open to your whims

Giving life to me again

dih 6/12/12


Careful with your mind

Just be careful with your mind

It destroys situations in time

It disorganizes dreams

And creates combative scenes

Just be careful with your mind.

Sceneries and images

Fleeting past my eyes

Are they there

As they disapear

And I hear them thru the night

Be careful with your mind

It will fool you with it’s words

It will distract you from your path

And create a bitter verse

Hell on earth…

dih- 6/12/12