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If there was a time I hurt you or left you on the side

If there was a time I laughed when I should have cried

If there was a tear, I didn’t dry

I’m sorry…

If I didn’t make it clear of my intentions with your heart

If I started something in your mind that didn’t chime with your thoughts

I’m sorry…

If I left too soon or

If I left at all

It was something I felt was right.

I may have over reacted

I may have jumped the gun..

But you pointed it towards my chest

And left me with no choices.

Now we are seprate and life goes on

Keeping my mind straight and strong

Missing your laughter and you smile

It’s been a while.

Maybe a few years down the road

Maybe at a wedding or funeral

We can meet again or say our final goodbye’s

If I find out that you’ve died.

So for now, I just want you to know

Somethings happen way before the storm

Knowing that the time I kissed you last, was forever.

If there was a time…

If there was a time….

If there was a time, it’s now.

dih – 6/4/12