This one was about Vinnie. Sigh, why do I dream about things that are out of my reach??

I wrote him about the dream. Who knows, maybe we can come to some type of conclusion about this ‘obsession’.

Anyways, I looked into the dream about bridges and the thing that gets me is that the bridges were both so treacherous. On one, a baby almost fell off of this narrow passage on the bridge. On the other there were detours on the bridge to avoid getting hit by trains that were crossing the bridge. And both bridges were being repaired.

I think that is the significant portion. And the fact that I got across both of them. One of them was over this raveen (sp) with running water. But I didn’t fall in, some kids jumped in and swam to the other side. I was always on the bridge and my steps never faltered. Interesting.

I kinda like that.

The Vinnie dream was about a telephone call. Someone telling me to leave her husband alone. But, it was very distorted. I don’t know exactly what this means because last time I checked, he wasn’t married or hooked up. He was happy being a loner…

Go figure… Anyways. There were other parts, but they were crazy. The main features were me trying to call this girl back and get in touch with him to find out what’s going on. I couldn’t. I would dial the number or have difficulty dialing the number and couldn’t find privacy to make the phone call. All kinds of wackiness.

Two nights in a row, strange things are a foot in my head…