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Nil. I couldn’t sit for 1.5 hours without my knees locking and killing me. People were interesting. Some of the conversation was good. I was nervous and did a lot of rambling.

I need more than just talking with no feed back or advice. I might go to my pdoc’s thursday group instead. They have nice people and I would feel more comfortable.

All the time I was at last night’s meeting, I kept saying (in my head) “help”. “What am I doing here”. All kinds of escape thoughts.

I guess it’s not for me. But, I might go back one day, when the knees are better.

Not dissapointed. I’m glad I did it. The late night hour really bothers me though. Don’t like waiting for buses at 9PM and getting home by 9:30pm. Too dark. Streets too full of people.

I don’t know what to do or where to go right now. It really doesn’t matter. I took a risk, a positive one.

Let’s hope for better things ahead.