Feel like I’m going nowhere in slow motion. I need something good to happen to me. Something that makes me feel special. I just don’t need anymore disappointments in my life.

Brought nothing but junk at the supermarket yesterday. Bad move. Didn’t over do it. But, I was disgusted with life and as usual, turned to food.

No word on the YMCA yet. I’m just going down. I don’t know what to do to motivate myself any further. The exercise/eating low carb has lost me inches, but not weight.

I think some depression is setting in, I’m stressed about running out of Xanax before the month is over, someone stole half of them from me. Now I’m screwed and have to reduce the amount I take until the script comes up again.

Starting to hate my miserable life again. Just not feeling like sticking around to see everything crumble…