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I never drop eggs. I pay close attention to what I’m doing etc, because I know that my ass will drop them if I don’t. But, this morning about 4 eggs in the container did a back flip off the counter and ended up on the floor. I blame my anxiety. No meds and rushing.

Why is this a big deal??? Because I’m just shaking all over and I hate that I could have avoided my present state if I had done some planning and paid attention to my scripts and what I had and didn’t have enough of, UGH!!

I’m beating a dead horse. Ranting and beating myself up over it won’t make them come any faster. I just have to ease into each day and accept what happens. I just hope I can maintain my calmness. I’m finding it hard.

Well, my crustless quiche is almost done. So, off to tend to that and hope it came out well. I’ll probably post more later, I’m gonna need the release.