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Here I sit, in my little hermits computer room. Geeking out on Caffeine. Oh well. That’s my mornings. I like them quiet, some music and to myself. The rest of the day is family and dog. Which is ok at times, but not constantly.

I don’t go out much. Unless it’s a ‘responsibility’ I have to take care of, like rent, walking the dog, shopping for necessities, stuff like that. I’m not a casual outing type of person. I find it all too stressful.

The purpose of communication is to get something from the person you are communicating with, even if it’s just acknowledgement. A simple hi to some is a loaded experience for someone like me. You want me to say hi back, and from that, you get a good feeling. What if I don’t feel like acknowledging you? What if my anxieties are high and I’m afraid it will lead to a conversation I don’t want to have?

Realize, the negatives are all on ‘MY’ side. It’s my perception and has nothing to do with the other person. It’s something “I” have to deal with and learn to process. Some ‘hi’s’ are indeed innocent. Just being polite and aren’t loaded with expectation.

More on this later… Hard to concentrate.