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Not fun…

Things are pretty shaky. Tired and very unsure of myself. On edge and afraid I’m gonna snap at the wrong thing. Whatever that means. My brother is here and just having him here is irritating as hell. Wish I didn’t feel that way, but he’s a heavy stressor in my life. He just keeps doing things which are detrimental to his health and I’m constantly afraid he’s gonna die.

And since in his eyes, he’s not sick and it’s everybody else’s fault, he continues with his behavior. I don’t need added stress in my life. Especially when I am low on meds.

Let me stress to others, the importance of being aware of how many pills you have left of your medication. So you don’t run out before you can get a refill. If that makes any sense. I changed pharmacies to a home delivery one and they are taking their time getting me my meds. I hope to have everything by Friday. But, it’s gonna be a rough week, especially with a dental appointment.

I’m just gonna have to distance myself from him while he’s here and pray to make it thru each day without incident. I’ve been quiet and I’ll remain so, because I know I’m unstable right now.

I’ve told my mother about my lack of meds, so she’ll know if I act out of turn, that that is the reason. Xanax and Zoloft are running low. At least I still have my Abilify, but this anxiety is killer.

Laying low helps…


2 thoughts on “Not fun…

  1. I want you to know that I feel for you. My problem is my old dr was in a lawsuit due to sexual misconduct and I was a victim at one time. I think he thought I was the one who was suing him because he cut my klonopin in half. I never went back. I found a great doctor who would perscribe the klonopin but he went by the last perscription which was half. I have told him that I need my old script back to no avail. So some months I have to take the other pill some times as an emergency situation. Which leaves me without at the end of the month. I do like I mentioned to you before and break them in half for as long as I can. But I know so well the anxiety of not only being without the nerve medicine but the withdrawls too because they are addictive. I know in jail, they give Benedryl to the people that are normally on nerve medications as a replacement. It helps a little. Watch the caffine, that just makes it worse. I wish you the best this week.


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