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No meds… I might have to go a few days without my Zoloft and Xanax. I’m already down to one Xanax a day and that runs out by thursday. My fault. I’ve decided to go mail order on my meds and it takes time for them to set things up.

I’m scared and don’t know what I’ll be like. I’ll still have my Abilify, but… I’m gonna depend on tea for my anxiety, which has been pretty high lately.

I need to function at least 3 days next week. Dentist, glasses and bills. Gonna have to take it slow, ease into the whole idea. I’ll just have to pray things won’t go wacky on me.

Mother is improving. Haven’t lost any weight, in fact I gained 2lbs. But I lost an 2 inches. Today is gonna be hard. Have to go out in public, around a lot of people and just cope.

I need this song today…