Tried screenwriting for a while. Now I don’t have the concentration to write long dialogue etc. My formatting is right, just need a course to get my ideas across and character development etc. But can’t afford one. Oh well.

My poetry is enough to see me thru those creative boosts. Some people like my screenplay. STEVI. Some people thought it was mediocre and didn’t believe a female character could be so strong. Oh well.

I like to do poetry, it’s spontaneous for me and emotionally driven. No excuses and no real rules to follow. Sometimes I rhyme, but most of the time, it’s free form. I like that.

Problem is, I’m not always moved to produce. I’ve had years of no poetry due to instability or stability. I write best when I’m manic or unstable. At least I think I do. I don’t know.

I can’t force words together. They either come or they don’t.

Yesterday was calm enough. Not bad overall. Crazy sleep though. Dreams were slightly upsetting, but strange enough to dismiss.

Hopefully I can get some ME time today. I need to be alone in my apartment for a while. I really need that right about now.