Got my eye test. Paid for my glasses. Had a nice lunch. Got someone to walk the dog. Didn’t cheat on my eating plan.. so far.

There are times I look around my semi-crowded apartment and wonder. How long can I take this living situation. I know my brother is here temporarily, but he’s a handful. I’m tired and I NEED my privacy. I would love my own apartment again. Somewhere near me mum. But, I’m also afraid of being alone when things get ‘complicated’ in my head.

I worry about friends who choose to ignore me. I don’t know why. I should really be moving onto better people in my life. But I really don’t want to do the foot work. Getting to know them. Going out the house, all that social crap.

I hear my dogs nails hitting the kitchen floor and it makes me happy. Cause she’s here to help me feel better and loved.

Right now, I’m just tired of everything and every one. This will change, but for now…