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Since I’ve decided to take life in this manner; I’ve been less overwhelmed. Been walking more, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Even doing upper body exercises. Trying to keep busy and not think so much. I’m a deep thinker and that can sometimes lead to dark places. Not in the mood to go there.

No appointments until next Friday. Went to the Y to apply for a scholarship for membership. Hopefully, I will get it. I need to get out of the house and DO!! For me. F*ck socializing. I just want to be busy.

Since the surgery, I’ve felt more like myself. Lighter and determined. Or it could just be my morning coffee. LOL.

Late afternoons are the worse. I get anxious and bored and overwhelmed. That extra Xanax helps, but I still feel out of sorts. Trying not to turn to food. Even purchased a subliminal .mp3 to listen too when things get rough in the wanting to pig out department.

We’ll see how the day goes. Trying not to over think, future think or THINK. It usually gets my mind in a rut I can’t get out of and I don’t wanna lose this groove. 🙂