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80’s teenager – Times Square – One of my defining movies…

This film was very significant in my adolescence. Along with Christiana F.

Directed by Allan Moyle (Pump Up the Volume), produced by Robert Stigwood (Saturday Night Fever), and starring Trini Alvarado, Robin Johnson, and Tim Curry, Times Square is about two New York City teenagers — rebellious, street-smart Nicky Marotta (Johnson) and rich but troubled Pamela Pearl (Alvarado) — who both feel misunderstood by everyone around them. They run away from the mental hospital where they’re roommates and take to the streets of New York City — specifically, Times Square. The film’s script, cowritten by Moyle and Jacob Brackman, was inspired by a diary Moyle found in a secondhand couch detailing the life of a young, mentally disturbed woman who lived on the streets.

Here’s the Trailer:

The soundtrack to ‘Times Square’ is amazing. Ramones, Joe Jackson, Talking Heads etc. Totally under appreciated. I’ve seen a lot of records for sale, but not so many CD’s. It really needs to be remastered and put on iTunes. Here’s one of the songs and the list of songs.

Side one

Suzi Quatro: “Rock Hard” (Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn) – 3:18 [2]
The Pretenders: “Talk of the Town” (Chrissie Hynde) – 3:16 [3]
Roxy Music: “Same Old Scene” (Bryan Ferry) – 3:54 [4]
Gary Numan: “Down in the Park” (Gary Numan) – 4:20 [5]
Robin Gibb and Marcy Levy: “Help Me!” (Robin Gibb, Blue Weaver) – 3:37 [6]

Side two

Talking Heads: “Life During Wartime” (David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz) – 3:40 [7]
Joe Jackson: “Pretty Boys” (Joe Jackson) – 3:27 [8]
XTC: “Take This Town” (Andy Partridge) – 4:08 [9]
Ramones: “I Wanna Be Sedated” (Joey Ramone) – 2:29 [10]
Robin Johnson: “Damn Dog” (Billy Mernit, Jacob Brackman) – 2:40 [11]

Side three

Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado: “Your Daughter Is One” (Mernit, Norman Ross, Brackman) – 2:10 [12]
The Ruts: “Babylon’s Burning” (John Jennings, Dave Ruffy, Malcolm Owen, Paul Fox) – 2:34 [13]
D.L. Byron: “You Can’t Hurry Love” (Edward Holland, Jr., Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland)– 3:04 [14]
Lou Reed: “Walk on the Wild Side” (Lou Reed) – 4:12 [15]
Desmond Child and Rouge: “The Night Was Not” (Desmond Child) – 3:08 [16]

Side four

Garland Jeffreys: “Innocent, Not Guilty” (Garland Jeffreys) – 2:13 [17]
The Cure: “Grinding Halt” (Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey, Lol Tolhurst) – 2:49 [18]
Patti Smith Group: “Pissing in the River” (Patti Smith, Ivan Kral) – 4:41 [19]
David Johansen and Robin Johnson: “Flowers of the City” (David Johansen, Ronnie Guy) – 3:58 [20]
Robin Johnson: “Damn Dog” (Reprise – The Cleo Club) (Mernot, Brackman) – 2:40 [21]


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