I was once asked by a colleague if I were gay. Simply because I was vocal about gay rights when I lived in Boston. And I had no boyfriend. And didn’t screw around with every d*ck that walked in my direction.

I wasn’t offended. I just told her I support gay rights because I don’t believe that anyone should be discriminated against. That they should be accepted and not judged, simply because they are not like you. I’ve never seen anything wrong with being gay.

At first I couldn’t understand it and during the age when you struggle with hormones and sexual preferences and experimentation, I tried to figure out what it was like to be sexually attracted to a woman. I could understand looking and comparing yourself at other women. “Oh, I wish I had her breasts” and stuff like that, but actually wanting to touch them.. No, not me.

Years ago, when I asked myself the question, “Am I Gay’. (Because I had no boyfriend, was not about some soppy teenager groping me and didn’t have any sexual urges in that direction. Although I had crushes on guys.) I answered with a firm, NO. I had realized I could never ‘love’ a woman in that manner. Like a sister or mother, yes. But not with my soul and with the passion you feel towards a lover.

I’ve been mistaken for a lesbian and approached by lesbians before, big deal. When approached, I take it as a compliment. Wow, I’m so good looking ‘both’ sexes want me. LOL. Not ever lesbian or homosexual wants to sleep with every man or woman they see, simply because they have similar parts.

I’ve hung out with men in a gay bar or two, but not for long. Face it, I’m a woman.

I believe like the song says, “Born that way”.

Being gay has NOTHING to do with being a pedophile. I worked at a job once, where a client was being brought up on charges of molesting his young students. He was trusted by the boys and their parents etc. Some of the boys use to talk about missing him and wanting to see him etc. What angered me, was the fact that this client introduced sex to children who had NO idea what their sexual orientation was yet. Basically they were not even pre-teens. They had no idea if they were straight or gay or bi or what. And now, it would only make those awkward years more complicated.

I mention this incident, because I get things like this thrown at me all the time. Straight people molest also.

I don’t know why this issue was going thru my mind today. SO f*in early in the A.M. Oh yeah, now I do. I was just looking at my RuPaul’s Drag Race badge. LOL. I love that show.

If people would just be more concerned about being the best person they can be and accept people for who and not what they are; living would be so much easier…


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