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I hate when I go thru times that my mind goes completely blank and I can’t remember my own thoughts or points of conversation. I know the word, know what I was going to say etc. and POOF it’s gone. I feel so stupid when this happens.

Yesterday was the worst. I’d begin to talk and half way thru I would forget what I wanted to say. I kept calling people the wrong names. Went down the entire list of family names before I hit upon the right one. OMG, good thing I was home.

Had an iron infusion yesterday. Been running all week, trying to get ready for surgery on Monday. Period is late, and I’m hoping it doesn’t start until after surgery.

Friday is another infusion, Saturday I rest and Sunday I have to prep for surgery. Ducolax, Flagyl, Magnesium Citrate and more Ducolax. I’ll be in the bathroom all day and night. Gee, what fun. Maybe I’ll lose a pound or two.

I’m wondering after surgery, if my hormones will be lower and I will be further into perimenopause. Just wondering.

My sleeping is still off. I find that I have no patience etc. for anyone’s drama right now. My friend is going thru her usual dramafest and I just stepped back and ‘left the building’. I can’t help anyone with their problems now. I’ve got months of appointments ahead of me. And I’ve got to save my energy for that. Sorry, but the psychiatrist is OUT. Save your 5 cents.