I want this week over.

Yesterday I was thinking about coping mechanisms. Not the serious ones, like self talk and the such. But things I find myself doing to cope at certain moments when I become stressed and overwhelmed.

Sometimes I don’t realize I am doing them, like rocking back and forth or repeating words or thoughts over and over in my head. The last one may not seem as a ‘coping’ type of action. But there are times I find it soothing. Especially the repeating of words or phrases.

Like when you’re a child and you repeat ‘mommy’ over and over again. Because it makes you feel better or loved. I don’t have one particular word which I would call my ‘comfort word’, but it is a good idea. It really depends upon the situation.

Sometimes I just tell myself, ‘calm down’ or ‘help’ or just talk my thoughts out. Just to get them out of my head.

The rocking back and forth is something I only do at home. I never do this in public. People, predators, catch onto it and perceive it as a weakness and will prey upon you, if they have the mind too and you are vulnerable. I have a friend who still rocks in public and she is constantly a VICTIM with a capital “V”. I tell her, don’t show your weaknesses out in public. There are certain types of people who are looking for someone to abuse, always.

Rocking to me is a coping skill. A private one. I’ve been very stressed and it helps to release that stress and calm me down.

When I’m out in public and I feel overwhelmed. I concentrate at the task at hand, really focus. That way I’m not thinking about what and who is around me and I can get home as fast as I can. Deep breathing. Telling myself that ‘it’s all temporary’ also works.