I cried when I first heard this song…

Love, Life of my Life

You said goodbye;
so my life has gone.
You wanted to weep
for a love that has
to be forgotten.

You go away laughing
and I am dying!
My sadness is knowing
that you cannot weep.

Love, life of my life,
how sad it is to say goodbye!
You leave our youthful
love unredeemed,
a love which your destiny
cannot return to you.

You laugh when you feel
the wish to cry.
And to think that I loved you
heart and soul,
and now you want
to mock my grief.
This love that I dreampt of,
I cannot suppress.
They were false words,
you lied a thousand times
in your love, woman.

Love, life of my life, etc.
Goodbye, my love!
Ah, goodbye!