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How dare they take an hour of sleep away from me…

Sleep is my coping mechanism. Now that daylight savings hour has kicked it… I loose an hour of rest, which I need right now. Plus side… Eh I can’t see one right now. Have to walk the dog.

I always say, “When in doubt, sleep”. It’s the one time I can clear my mind and escape from every day BS and people etc. Unless I get the whole spider nightmare thing going.

I have some wonderful dreams sometimes. Indiana Jones adventure dreams are the best.

Getting to sleep isn’t hard. Even when there is so much going thru my mind I feel like screaming. I close my door, darken the room and put on my CD’s I made just for sleeping. Next thing I know, it’s 2 hours later or more and I am better able to cope.

The hardest part is clearing your mind so you can sleep. Reruns of Law & Order usually give me a good nap. I love the show and it doesn’t give me nightmares, just soothes me.

Sleeping with the television on can really buzz your sleep. Sometimes I’m overstimulated and I just turn off everything and have complete silence.

I get overstimulated easily lately. Too much stress.


2 thoughts on “How dare they take an hour of sleep away from me…

  1. Thank you! You just reminded me to set my clock forward an hour. Sleep is very important to me also. So is routine, and when the time changes, it throws everything off. The dog wants out at different times, I feel sleepy at a different time and wake up at a weird time (well I do that anyway lol). But it takes me a while to get a routine going good again. Until I do, I am in confusion. I hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. I know what you mean about being over-stimulated. I have found that reading helps me to calm down so much that I’m off anxiety meds altogether. I read with the tv on sometimes. But now find that I must go to sleep with the tv off. I hope you are able to continue sleeping.


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