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Sleep is my coping mechanism. Now that daylight savings hour has kicked it… I loose an hour of rest, which I need right now. Plus side… Eh I can’t see one right now. Have to walk the dog.

I always say, “When in doubt, sleep”. It’s the one time I can clear my mind and escape from every day BS and people etc. Unless I get the whole spider nightmare thing going.

I have some wonderful dreams sometimes. Indiana Jones adventure dreams are the best.

Getting to sleep isn’t hard. Even when there is so much going thru my mind I feel like screaming. I close my door, darken the room and put on my CD’s I made just for sleeping. Next thing I know, it’s 2 hours later or more and I am better able to cope.

The hardest part is clearing your mind so you can sleep. Reruns of Law & Order usually give me a good nap. I love the show and it doesn’t give me nightmares, just soothes me.

Sleeping with the television on can really buzz your sleep. Sometimes I’m overstimulated and I just turn off everything and have complete silence.

I get overstimulated easily lately. Too much stress.