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This really disturbed me…

It’s hard enough growing up without putting your life out there for millions to judge you. Most people don’t realize their random comments for ‘fun’ can harm and destroy virtual strangers. Because basically, we are strangers on the internet.

The internet offers a false sense of ‘closeness’ that doesn’t exist. Just because you are conversing with someone, it doesn’t make them ‘safe’ or an actual ‘friend’. Because many people lie and use the internet to say what they are really thinking, but are too shameful, afraid, cowardice etc. to say in public.

Some people get their jollies by flaming others. When they wouldn’t dare to do it in person. Ettiquete and morals and just plain politeness are thrown out of the window when some people sit down in front of their keyboards.

This ‘trend’, no matter how old the post may be, is just plain awful. Asking strangers to rate their looks. They don’t know you. Why do you need validation from people who don’t matter in your daily life? Some will call you ugly, just to say you’re ugly and get a kick out of putting someone down.

Others will say you’re pretty and may actually be a pedophile or some stalker out to do you harm and start a conversation with you, just to hurt you in the end.

The internet is a dangerous place. Children and even adults need to be wary about who and what they talk about when they get in front of the computer.

NEVER give out personal information. Like phone numbers and addresses. The furthest I go is country and state. I met my former BFF online. But that was on a private forum and we were both adults and quite honestly, it was a miracle. Very rarely will this happen.


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