Mixed Emotions

My cousin is about to have her second child. Happy occasion, right? I’m torn between feeling like I should be happy and feeling sad because I’ll probably never have children. I know it was an early decision I made, but it still leaves me feeling incomplete and empty.

Some people are just so fertile. I have never been. And even if I were to meet someone and try for kids, it would be harder and a race, cause menopause and one ovary are against me. Oh well..

I’m not sad. I’m not mad. I’m just blank at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. I can imagine that would be frustrating. Sometimes children do not come into the picture as we would like. I think dating single Dads might be good… as well as other opportunities (adoption, or sperm donor). Forgive me if that is too bold to say.


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