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Desperate, but not serious

I know someone online who keeps attempting suicide by swallowing pills and going to the ER. Then writing about it when they get back and saying, they’re gonna do it again. Over the short amount of time that I’ve been reading their posts, this person has attempted maybe 3 or 4 times.

Yes, I am disturbed. Yes, I have warned and advised that not all attempts are successful and you can end up worse than when you made the attempt AND unable to do anything about it. But they are young and in pain. I understand that aspect.

Maybe it’s the age that makes it hard for anything to get thru. I’m glad they are talking about their issues, which I think keeps them from doing any serious damage, but it really bothers me that they are in so much pain.

Horrible things happen to so many people and yet we survive. But I guess some are just not as strong as others. If strength has anything to do with the whole idea of ‘surviving’.

I know that one day, this person will get their wish and we won’t hear from them anymore. They are so desperate to die, thinking that death equals relief. When it doesn’t. Sure it’s over, but you leave behind such a mess. And someone’s got to clean it up.

When someone has ‘truly’ made that decision. There is nothing you can do to stop them, once they commit. I guess the secret is to get thru to them, before they commit. Before it becomes so solid in their minds that it’s THE answer and the only one.

Here are some warning signs of Suicidal Tendencies:

1. Emotional State

The most evident mood presumably is depression. Person will not laugh or joke, facial expression is gloomy and verbalizations are pessimistic in general, especially when relating to self. There is only one situation where a suicidal person will speak hopefully, which I will come to soon. Outburst of anger or crying over minor issues can be frequent.

2. Thoughts

The person’s imaginations and thoughts focus on successful methods of ending life. They may also verbalize their thinking by asking questions like, “Do you think getting hit by a truck hurts much?” or “Taking how many of these tabs, do you think, will be fatal?”

3. Activity

The person is generally restless. He/ she lacks concentration, yet is preoccupied. These individuals can also be seen making arrangements to settle their personal, family and other matters. They may pay off their debts, sell properties, join for family insurances and write their own wills, and even try to fulfill their loved one’s wishes they were so against till then. The person can also be found writing depressing poems and sad stories which cumulate in death of the core characters.

4. Eating and Sleeping Habits

Extremes of behaviors are seen in either of the cases. Depressed persons can hog or starve. They can have insomnia or sleep for hours, not even eating or bathing. Sleeplessness is due to anxiety, and over-sleeping is due to incapability to face life while awake.

5. Self-esteem

The person has very low self-esteem and no motivation feelings at all. Words like,” I can’t go on”, “I am a loser”, “why try when I am bound to fail?” are common. These individuals will not usually have a goal to live for. They also feel that other people find them disgusting, a burden or ‘less than human.’

6. Past History of suicide

Individuals who have tried once to do self-murder are the one’s who try again. If any of your loved one has escaped suicide, be watchful, as there is a very high percentage of chance that they will try again, unless the situation changes.

7. Change of mood

Note well when a person who was feeling down for a long time suddenly gets happy and light-hearted. It can mean that they have decided on carrying out their suicidal plan. They will suddenly be carefree and jocular. These changes will be a relief to the family member, as they consider that the person is at last getting back to life, when indeed the reverse is imminent.

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One thought on “Desperate, but not serious

  1. This person may crying for help and someones attention more than wanting to really be dead. That many attempts in that short of time and no sucess? This person would have already have commited suicide if they really wanted to die. That doesn’t mean that things are not triggering them to not want to live however. I would just keep on encouraging them and letting them share with you how they feel. Show him/her that you care enough to listen (read) to what they feel. I think that is really what they are trying to get, is someone to just listen.


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