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I hate drama. We’re not talking movies here, I’m talking unnecessary life drama. Things which can and should have been avoided or people who blow up scenarios into major plot themes.

“I” have a major plot theme. Surgery, etc. I try to talk to my other female friend about it and all she can do is rant because some flowers her boyfriend sent her got turned away. [blank stare]

I don’t get it. Every little thing to her is OVER THE TOP. Even making dinner. Right now, I need support and i’m only getting it from one place besides my family. Sometimes you need someone to tell that you’re scared. I’m lucky to have one place to turn, I guess. Yeah, I’m lucky in that respect.

I’m worried about my emotional state when all this is over. Will I go further into menopause? Will I need to adjust my meds? I’m gonna have to make sure I have enough Deplin for the hospitalization. How long will I be in there? UGH. Questions without answers at the moment. Don’t even know when the surgery will be.

Did some reading on ‘complex cysts’ found out that it could be cancerous. But I’m not going there. My mom had breast cancer, so I’m hoping not to go that route. Praying actually.

I need things to be simple. I try to keep them such, but my body has other ideas.