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I often wondered what a jury of my peers would look like? I’m not talking race, but rather state of mind. There are things that people who have never had an issue with mental illness will NEVER understand. They look at us as weak, freaks, murderers, rejects and throw away people.

No Humans Involved… That kind of thought process.

How can a jury judge someone with Schizophrenia or BiPolar or Borderline Personality Disorder? Sure, you can go by the letter of the law, but there are times when we are indeed ‘insane’. Even if it is a momentary thought or idea. Even on meds, they creep in and invade us. And we must fight every moment to dis-spell the negative and find the reality in the situation.

So, if that’s the case, we could never get a fair trial. If we did indeed commit a heinous crime. Which I don’t wish on anyone.

Meds help, but they don’t cure. It’s not like penicillin, take a few days and ‘all better’. It’s more like diabetes, treat daily or suffer the consequences. And there are always consequences.

Some don’t like the effects of medication or feel they can do life without. Sorry, but that’s just not me. I’ve finally found a cocktail that works and I know without it, I’d not be here to write this.
I’ve had some bad side effects, but nothing long lasting. Nothing so serious that it would be noticeable, like ticks or muscle jerks. I’ve seen that. I’ve also seen it go away in someone.

Right meds, therapy and strength. It’s a daily fight, people don’t realize this and it pisses me off.

It’s Mental Illness Awareness Month… Like it only lasts a month. huh.

Either way, I found this on facebook and wanted to share it with ‘my true peers’. And those who care for someone who fights daily with Mental Illness.