Music saves my life. There are times listening to music is the only thing that brings me back from the brink. Anything that soothes, Beatles mainly lately. Counting Crows, Stones, Alanis etc. Emotional outlets.

I close the doors, cut out the lights, lay down and ‘let the music play’. I focus on the lyrics, the melody, the instruments one by one. Anything to get my mind clear of thought. Next thing I know, I’m sleep.

When I wake up, things don’t seem so bad. Which is fine with me. I love all types of music, which is great when your moods are all over the place.

I always wished I knew how to express myself thru music. I studied different instruments, but never to the point of being good at them. Guitar, drums and piano. Should have followed thru, hmm. I guess there’s still time, just no money for instruments or lessons. Oh well. Priorities. Priorities.

Feeling pretty good today. Don’t know why, must have been the music. I’ll take feeling good for now. Big day tomorrow. Trying not to think about it.