“A man’s got to know his limitations” – Clint Eastwood

Yeah, last night I reached my limit. I had enough of feeling ‘less’ than anyone else in the room and being treated as such. I blasted someone in an email. Not really blasted, but more or less said, “I’m tired of being ignored.”
Yeah, it was whiny and a bit bitchy. But, I was tired of no one being there for me and me being there for everyone else. Gotta stop that.

I was and am tired of the loneliness, the rejection, no replies etc. I feel like I’m worth more, but… I know it’s hormones and a lot of reality. I usually can deal with it better, but why?

Why must I always be the ‘understanding’ one. The bigger person. The adult. The polite and rational one. When everyone around me is so selfish and self serving. (aren’t those the same thing??)

Thank god for therapy Tuesday. Friday is a major doctors appointment with lots of travel. I’m sure it’s the reason I lost it, but it was a mild one. Written, not spoken and privately blogged.

I’m not usually like that, swearing in an email to someone. But, I’ve had enough…

I’m sure the quote above means ‘limits’ in what one can and can not do. While my interpretation is reaching one’s limit of how much crap they can take from the world. It just fits at this moment.