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I’m starting to get these headaches. My monthly has started and it’s light. But these headaches are coming more frequently. They aren’t migraines. I use to get migraines. I was on meds and everything for the ‘ice pick’ thru the brain pain.

I figure it’s all part of menopause. What scares me is that this can last anywhere from 5 to 8 years. I am pseudo-making it as it is.

The Xanax helps, but I’m still freaking underneath and I go for walks and take hot baths and sleep. But I won’t know what can be done about it hormonally until next week when I see my GYN. That’s if I wanna go that route.

So much fear involved in considering my mental state and what’s going on with me now. I try not to future think, but it’s hard not too.

I wish more study was done on menopause and mental illness. Then I would have some reference point.