I learned this expression eons ago. I was very young, but understood immediately what it meant. I know so many people who ‘filter’ out what they want to hear and disregard what is being said.

Mainly it happens when offering advice. If it’s against what they want to hear, which is usually agreeing with their point of view, they simply ignore your point of view.

I’m struggling with someone who, despite all the advice and caring etc. Still persists in behaving in dangerous actions and thought processes. They are young and they have many diagnoses of mental illness. It’s hard to listen or read about their thoughts etc. when you know it’s their illness speaking and not reality.

In my mind, I know without some type of change, they are doomed. Honestly, I believe they should be inpatient in a psych ward. But when they go there, they are combative. Their life is a double edged sword right now.

I really don’t think there is any way of getting thru to this person. Like they are looking for approval to kill themselves. My warning today was, it doesn’t always happen that way.

Sometimes, you end up in worse condition than you began and you’re still here and CAN’T physically end the suffering. Psych meds can really destroy your body if you overdose on them. There are many ways to attempt suicide, but the path is not always guaranteed.

I tired to stress this to them. But, I get the feeling, they aren’t listening. It’s sad.